Monday, May 25, 2009

Dreamtime at the G

I went to the football on Saturday night for 'Dreamtime at the G' which is played as part of the AFL's indigenous round. 73,000 people at the MCG, so not quite full but certainly well attended. The Bombers winning definitely made it more enjoyable, especially coming back from a four goal defecit, but I really like the atmosphere of the football. You don't get many opportunities in day to day life to partake in an incorehent victory shout, let alone simultaneously with 40,000 other people. Also, those lights work really well, but I suggest not looking directly at them if you'd like to see anything happening on the field in the ensuing minute or so.

I took the photo about five or ten minutes after the final siren (I think it was during Jason Winderlich accepting the best on ground medal, the name of which I have forgotten) so most of the Richmond supporters had already left, but the stands were substantially fuller ten minutes earlier.

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