Friday, May 29, 2009

Electron deficient entertainment

Night Angel Trilogy - Brent Weeks. Not a bad series, given I picked it up at random in an airport bookshop. Early on especially it deals with some pretty horrible topics and I don't quite think he has the writing chops to carry it off. Later on it reads more like a Raymond E Feist has played some Ninja Gaiden, or maybe God of War, which is fun.

The Android's Dream
- John Scalzi. For reasons both plot and atmosphere related, reminded me a lot of The Fifth Element. Scalzi writes in a way that I find it easy to imagine the film adaptations of his books, and I think Luc Besson would do them justice.

Cryptonomicon - Neal Stephenson. Could have been a couple of hundred pages shorter, and focused more on prostates than I would think strictly necessary for a crypto thriller. Certainly not Snow Crash.

The First Book of Lankhmar - Fritz Leiber. Worth reading for two reasons. Firstly, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser are one of the foundations of modern fantasy. Secondly a lot of the old fantasy authors (most of which I've had recommended to me by Jonathan) are worth reading solely for the way they use the language. You will find in Leiber, Vance et al words, usages and turns of phrase that essentially could be used for no purpose besides high fantasy.

I still haven't returned to Infinite Jest. I just don't know if I can handle its sheer literary density.

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