Monday, May 25, 2009

They both start with K

You may or may not have heard about a fight in an Austrian temple between a bunch of Sikhs (story here). The situation was more or less that one of the Sikhs pulled a gun during a religious argument, and in response the other men involved all pulled knives.

There seems to be a slight hint in the reporting of "Those non-Christian types, they're so violent showing up to places of worship with weapons. Shame on them." True, someone did show up with a gun. People will do this from time to time. What about the knives? Well, if you know your religions, you'd be familiar with the kirpan, a knife that all baptised Sikhs are required to carry.

AP mentioned that it is unclear as to whether the knives were kirpans or not, but the BBC and Reuters both say nothing about it. I'm not Media Watch or anything, but if I know about this kind of thing I'd hope world service reporters could do a little better.

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