Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Taxonomy of Stuff

I'm sorting through and packing all my stuff for a move at the moment. In fact, it's only half a move which saves the almighty hassle of unpacking, or at least delays it to a time sufficiently far in the future that I don't care. I came to the conclusion that there's going to be a literal truckload of stuff to move of which maybe a medium sized box full is stuff I actually care about. The rest is nice but replaceable or worse, from a motivation perspective, stuff I didn't want to spend money on in the first place.

My Stuff

My stuff is, well, it's stuff that I have that I have some sort of sentimental attachment to: photos, knick-knacks, etc. Mostly it's priceless but also practically worthless. It's also a bastard to pack because it's all sorts of weird shapes, fragile and has no set place in the house to pick a box for it. This is the medium box full of stuff that I care about.

Stuff I Like
This is all the stuff that I want, but don't need, and wouldn't be bothered if it was replaced by an equal or better version. Television, consoles, computers, DVDs, games, most books (some books are My Stuff) and so on. Easy to pack, and if I was moving overseas I'd be happy to leave most of it behind and replace it at the destination. If I was honest with myself I'd probably buy a new TV before I bought a new fridge if I only had enough money for one of them.

Living Stuff
Boils down to stuff to put other stuff in or on. Couches, fridge, washing machine, desks, crockery, bookshelves. These are things I hate spending money on (except maybe the recliner and bed, but even then I wish they were an order of magnitude cheaper) because they're not of any direct use, cost a bunch of money, and are bulky and frustrating to move. If you buy a new TV when you move, it's going to be better than your last one if you spend the same amount of money. Do the same with a couch and you'll get something as good at best.

Incorporeal Stuff
Electricity, mailing address, internet, I guess telephone if I used it. Genuine annoyance, and judging from the amount of mail I get for the previous three lots of tenants at this place, something a lot of people don't bother with at all. It would be great if this process could be streamlined by someone for a reasonable fee. I wonder if there is such a company? Probably not, given the identity checks all the different services make you go through.

Maybe now I'll get on with actually packing.

Or maybe I'll just go to bed.


  1. Do I still get mail arriving there? Because I was sure I'd fixed up all that crap.

  2. I'd have to check my meticulous records (aka giant pile of crap) but I don't think I've got anything for you in the last few months.

  3. It's always nice when you keep getting ATO notices and the like for people who lived there about 6 years ago.


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