Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day -2

I figured I might as well get an inaugural travel post written to let people know I really did get on a plane. For those at work running the book on whether or not I was really going to go, I officially flew out of Hobart at 6:05 on July 30. I am now in Perth and will be until August 3, when I head off to Singapore on the official Day 1 of my international jaunt.

On Thursday I killed some time waiting to check into the hotel by visiting the museum. They have a stuffed bison there that was purchased in 1890. There was other stuff that was cultural and/or educational, but I just couldn't get past the 120 year old stuffed bison. Then I bought a charger for my DS in an EB store staffed entirely by women, which was weird.

Today I pretty much just meandered down to the Swan River, had a mediocre Caesar salad and spent a while trying to figure out what was weird about the view over the river.

I finally realised it was the fact that there's nothing behind the buildings. I'm used to seeing everything set against mountains, or at least a few cloud banks, but I guess in Perth they let the sky perform solo, and it seems up to the task.

The only other real thing of note is that the hotel bar in the hotel where we're staying. It's Friday night and genuine local West Australians under the age of 30 are drinking there voluntarily. I was sure that the role of a hotel bar was to divert haggard guests and flamenco covers of Eye of the Tiger from ruining the fun in real bars.

Hopefully I will have more interesting things to report once I am jet lagged and trying to get information out of people speaking foreign.

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  1. Yes. Perth is weird in that (a) it's almost entirely dead flat, and (b) clouds happen somewhere else. In the open, on the river - or from atop the only hill, Kings Park - this can be beautifully striking. If you're up in the newer, northern suburbs, it can seem like you're trapped in a maze of mediocrity. It's somewhat disturbing.


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