Saturday, August 1, 2009

Electron deficient entertainment - Futons are uncomfortable edition

Last list of reading before heading off overseas. I am missing at least one book from this list but I can't figure out what it is and I'm about 3000km from my bookshelf, so I guess it will remain unknown.

The Carpet Makers - Andreas Eschbach. As good an opening 100 pages as any book I've read. The rest of it's okay, and given it's only about 250 pages, definitely worth a read.

The Sundering and Conventions of War - Walter Jon Williams. Books two and three in the series of which The Praxis is book one. While it openly admits to being space opera, I found it a bit too... operatic for my taste. Also, The Sundering contains a 200 page murder mystery story midway through it which seems completely unnecessary.

The Darkness That Comes Before and The Warrior-Prophet - R Scott Bakker. Books one and two of The Prince of Nothing trilogy. Dark fantasy that achieves it's darkness by making all the male characters sexually repressed or perverted or, more commonly, both and all the women whores. The story that goes on between gratuitous uses of the word "cock" is a fairly interesting crusades rehash.

I have some slightly more varied reading lined up for flights and airport waits, we'll see how they compete with Advance Wars for the DS.

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