Monday, August 10, 2009

Airport Seats Are Uncomfortable

Sitting in the airport killing time until my flight, seemed like a good time to write something. Before I continue, might I draw your attention to the photos being displayed on the right hand side. Rather than fill my posts with every happy snap I take, I'm going to put them into albums that people can look at or not. Things that made me laugh or are interesting will still get put into posts, though, so I can provide incisive observations.

National Day was a bit of fun, especially watching the "our heritage" parts, which takes quite a long time when they had to cover Malay, English, Chinese and Indian cultures, each of which has a bit to say. Suffice to say there were all the traditional dances, dragons and fireworks one might reasonably expect. On National Day I also went to an aquarium, wherein I checked out some fish and a lots of rays and then went to the "Images of Singapore" museum, which is a timeline of the development of Singapore. From the exhibit I had the impression reinforced that Singapore is rather unusually multicultural. Unlike somewhere like Australia which is merely multiethnic, Singapore seems to be able to have three or four main languages and cultures coexisting side by side without any trouble.

Today I went around and had a look at the Asian Civilisations Museum, which was as advertised. I've noticed, perhaps due to the number of local languages, names aren't given a lot of spice. Got two roads with bridges? North Bridge Road and South Bridge Road. Done. Museum full of exhibits about Asian civilisations? Asian Civilisation Museum. Bam! On the upside it does make it fairly easy to be a tourist. If you're looking for the mosque in Chinatown, try Mosque Street. I spent quite a while in there, partially because it was really interesting, partially because it was blissfully cool, and partially because of helpful signage like this:

I then wandered around looking for the Red Line station, during which time I saw most of the old colonial buildings including St Andrew's Cathedral which is a truly blinding white, the Fullerton building, the Old Supreme Court and City Hall. All of these buildings are on the esplanade and around Raffles' Place where there are also bronze statues showing typical life from Singapore's past (coolies pulling rickshaws, Englishmen looking phlegmatic and so forth).

I don't know what this statue is supposed to represent, unless Singapore was at some stage ruled by a race of giant mutant chickens. Now that would have been something to see.

Anyway, that's pretty much Singapore done and dusted, overall quite good. Interestingly it only took me a couple of days to mentally get over the heat, but I reckon I'd need another few months of exposure before my body could put up with being one of the crazy locals who walks around in long sleeved shirts and jeans, with a jacket around the waist. What is that jacket for? Unexpected snow fall? I think not.

Next stop Prague. Well, London for two hours, then Prague. The place I'm staying has friendly warning not to use the local taxis, because they will rip you off, and money changers for the same reason. Sounds lovely, guess I'll go spend the last of my SGD now then.

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  1. Oh shit. Singapore have finally crossed sparrows with elephants. WE'RE SCREWED.


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