Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For One Only, Sir?

Sitting on the balcony listening to After the Goldrush. I'd have a beer but they're twelve bucks. I wish the people in the next room weren't smokers but there you have it. I've spent the first two days in Singapore pretty much relaxing in and around the pool; it's really easy to do and doesn't require figuring out the train system.

Dragon fruit is unbelievable. Not because it tastes great (it tastes pretty good) but more because it looks like a confectioner's fanciful approximation of a fruit. The outer skin is lurid magenta and the pulp is bright white shot through with black seeds. Kind of like so:

It's featured in every meal to date. No doubt I shall tire of it in time, but until then go go dragon fruit.

Next up, monkeys. There's a little sticker on my balcony door here which says something to the effect of "don't feed the wildlife, or they'll come at you like a spider monkey." I assumed it was a generic thing on all the doors, I'm on the fourth floor, after all. Just to prove me wrong I was chilling on the bed reading when I look over and a god damned monkey walks through the door. There was a brief standoff as it realised there was no food to be had and I entertained visions of having my eyes gouged out by tiny, vicious hands. Then another monkey showed up on the balcony and the first hared off after it. Suffice to say I subsequently closed the door. I have also spent an entertaining minute or so watching what I am going to call a squirrel (it sure as hell looked like one but it could have been some other arboreal rodent) running along the rail outside the restaurant. It's kind of weird that watching a squirrel fret it's way along is enjoyable whereas if I saw it's genetic second cousin, the common rat, I would have felt vaguely ill.

I wish I'd gone to the effort of convincing someone else to come on holiday with me, it's only been three days and I'm already sick of hearing "For one only, sir?" accompanied by either a sympathetic smile or an appraising "I'm not surprised" look. Also, being confused in a group is a whole lot more fun than being confused on your own. Looking forward to meeting up with Jonathan in Prague next week.

Anyway, tomorrow it's off to the city proper for some shopping (a camera at the very least, hence the lack of photos) then off to Chinatown and maybe check out some of the cultural building things. Hopefully it doesn't rain too much, almost lost my iPod to the rain earlier today. Also, turns out I'm here for the national day parade which I'm going to assume is like any other national holiday anywhere around the world but with extra humidity. I guess Sunday will reveal all.


  1. Damn monkeys.
    Your tweet yesterday had me in stiches.

    Next time wait staff imply that it's sad/unsurprising that you're eating alone, ask them to join you as they're obviously not too busy. They'll soon learn not to be officious pricks.

  2. Did the monkey have a gun?

  3. hey bice,
    good to see you finally made your way off :-) hope you are having a great time, just think the monkeys are all part of the experience!! sounds like you are off to europe so look forward to hearing about your adventures and no "crying over any rivers"...have a ball regards david n

  4. Hmm, the dragon fruit there must be somewhat different in nature when compared to the imported version we 'enjoy' here; by which I mean, in Singapore, it must have flavour.
    Well, if you tire of your confectioner's delight, might I suggest a curry. While in Singapore and Malaysia I could have quite happily eaten curry for breakfast lunch and dinner. Again, very different to the curry we 'enjoy' here.


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