Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brazil 2 def Spain 1

You may be familiar with churros, a sausage shaped doughnut of Spanish extraction, normally rolled in cinnamon and sugar. I have also had it served with a bowl of melted chocolate for dipping purposes. This is a Good Thing.

While at the Thames Festival on Sunday I came across a stall selling Brazilian churros. "Hello," I thought "hijacking somebody else's great food, Brazil? We'll see about that." I lined up and eventually reached the front of the line.
"Hello, sir."
"One thanks."
"Sure, sugar or cinnamon and sugar?" Looks pretty Spanish to me.
"Cinnamon and sugar, thanks."
"Yes, please." Again, nothing new. Still looks to be a Spanish dish to me.
"Caramel?" What's this?
"Sure." The man then proceeded to inject the churros with caramel sauce until it overflowed, much like an eclair. When he handed it to me, I just wanted to fist bump someone about how awesome a caramel injected churros was, but sadly there were only two American ladies who decided it was too unhealthy and left the line.

Your move, Spain.

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  1. Churro injected with caramel? FIST POUND.
    I feel that I was fully equipped, but geographically lacking :(


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