Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm Like a Magnet to Them

I present to you the entire conversation of me with a random Bostonian.

Random Bostonian: Do you know what movie they're shooting?
Bice Dibley: No, sorry.
RB: You from Ireland?
BD: No, Australia.
RB: What part?
BD: Tasmania, right down south.
RB: Don't know it. Do you go back home often?
BD: I'm actually just here on holiday.
RB: Oh, right. Where are you staying?
BD: Just at a hostel off over that way.
RB: You can totally come and stay with me if you want.
BD: Uh, no, that's ok, I've already paid.
RB: Oh, alright. Well, I'm going to New York tomorrow on the bus if you want to come. The tickets are really cheap.
BD: I have plans for tomorrow, sorry.
RB: Well, here's my home address in Jamaica Plains, phone number and email address. (while writing them down on the back of a train ticket)
BD: Um, ok. I've got to go, friends to meet in Cambridge. Bye.
RB: See you later.

To answer your first three questions, female, no and about thirty-five. What is the correct, non-dangerous way to say "Leave me alone, you are clearly a crazy person"?

Tales of Boston to follow shortly.

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    I imagine that you still took their details, right?
    I sense a Nigerian prince situation coming on.


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