Friday, October 2, 2009

Next Stop, uh, Still Boston Apparently

This morning I got to explain to a French politics student what a twisted sprint was. It took quite some time, but after a while I think I managed to explain it. Her response?
"And you wanted to go?" Sometimes being a nerd is tough.

One of the reasons I came to Boston was to catch up with the people I know here, but due to unexpected Arkansas, people is now person. Specifically Radix (aka Chris), who used to live in Hobart but decided to move to Cambridge for no good reason. Except maybe that Cambridge is a lot cooler than Hobart if you're into, well, most things. We then met up with Glyph (aka, um, Glyph I guess) and sat around in a hipster cafe for a while. I failed to be very hipster, however, which I need to work on if I'm going to hang out with open source programmers.

Radix and Glyph had places to be, I didn't, so obviously I tagged along. Consequently I got to see a fair amount of what I think was Boston's suburban sprawl. It felt like suburbs, and there can be no doubt that it sprawled, but it may have technically been urban sprawl. Regardless, I have now seen bits of Boston that I don't think show up in guide books. Or maps of Boston.

After a series of events featuring three quarts of milk (no chocolate), an ambulance, deli sandwiches, a forgotten bag and a gas station we ended up at MIT. On purpose. I know it's kind of lame, but I found it cool to be sitting in a lecture room at MIT. I was a bit disappointed that I understood the calculus up on the board as I have always assumed MIT teaches secret special forces calculus. Nevertheless, I got to meet a few more of the twisted development guys and without stroking too many egos, those guys know detailed stuff about specific things. Fun times in all, and it's a nice change of pace to talk to people who can make jokes about Common Lisp.

Things that have been cool in Boston which require little further comment:
  • Harvard campus
  • Cheers
  • 500 Boylston, where Boston Legal is set
  • Boston Common
  • Fast food chains (Dunkin' Donuts, Wendy's, and so forth)
  • Random Ben Affleck film being shot (not as cool as Ben Affleck being randomly shot, but we have to make do)
  • Fenway Park, but for once I got to say Australia has an older bigger one.
I had planned to spend a couple of days in LA, but I have dilly-dallied too long and cannot move the flights. Hence I am in Boston until next Tuesday. I might head out to some other part of New England for a couple of days, or just hang around looking awkward attracting crazies.

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