Wednesday, October 7, 2009

That's 180 California Minutes

For those who may find themselves in a similar predicament, here is a list of ways to kill time for three hours at LAX:

uh... yeah.


  1. Agreed. LAX is one of the worst airports I've ever had to spend time in. And I had to spend five hours waiting in the Panama airport, a building in which you cannot flush your toilet paper for fear of clogging the plumbing. That's right. Your poop-smeared origami goes into a garbage bin in your cubicle. The odour had an aftertaste.

    But it was still a nicer five hours than the three I had to spend in LAX.
    At least they had somewhere for long-wait passengers to lie down without being treated like criminals.

  2. As if you need to find time to fill in the 3 hours. Just start queing for check-in - you'll still be in the queues 3 hours later :)


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