Friday, November 27, 2009

End Of An Era-Bashing Era

Although many things have changed since my formative teenage years the laughability of eighties fashion and popular culture has remained a touchstone. Even today people make fun of it in an offhand fashion, as if it was a nadir to which humanity will never fall again.

I recently saw the highlights from this year's American Music Awards and the ARIA Awards and I have some observations to make.

Archetypal one hit wonder and general eighties lovechild Adam Ant alongside Luke Steele from breakout Australian electropop act Empire of the Sun.

Goth legend Robert Smith of The Cure side by side with Billy Joe Armstrong of the good-punk-turned-annoying-emo Greenday

And of course Madonna's classic cone bra is one of the great mockable fashion items of music history, but Lady Gaga is willing to at least try and make it look tame.

It was nice to know that no matter how tragic hair got, or how bad the pop music was, that at least we would avoid the pitfalls of the eighties. Sadly it is time to find a new era to pillory. Perhaps the Restoration, or maybe the last days of Czarist Russia. I hear that druidic Britain was pretty funny, what with the sickles and dolmens.

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