Thursday, November 19, 2009

Non-Life Update

I've made some changes of an entirely cosmetic nature to the site design, I think the only actual layout change is that the main column may be a few pixels wider. If you read my posts from within some sort of crazy feed reader, then everything still looks the same so you'll just have to imagine the glory of it.

Anyway, I figured now would be a good time to provide a general Bice in the tubes update for anybody who may be interested.

The Undignified Cactus: this blog.

Feats of Play: my newly created blog for all things gaming, put elsewhere to keep this blog readable for those not interested in games. I recommend reading this post first.

Write Run Rue: my work and code blog. In the best medieval three field practices it has been left fallow for the last few months to improve its fertility. Also I have been everywhere but at work.

If you want an easier way of finding this information than trying to find this post again, there are links at to everything. Once I find a feed aggregator that isn't a useless pile of something indelicate I'll put up a combined feed for those self-destructive individuals who want to read everything I write.

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