Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stretching the Analogy to Breaking Point

Imagine as a kid you loved Batman. In 1989 the film came out and it was pretty darn good. You could lord it over the other kids, the fools who liked X-Men or Spiderman or some other stupid character. The next movie came out and it was okay, but you were a little less vocal in your Batman support. The downward spiral began in earnest, and by the time the other kids got to see their heroes in movies, Batman was a joke. You couldn't argue about whether X-Men was better than the 1989 Batman, because the only thing anyone remembers is Batman and Robin. Clooney's making jokes about killing Batman, your childhood hero.

By the time there's news about a new Batman movie, every comic book hero under the sun has a movie, and as bad as some of them are, none are as bad as Batman and Robin. You manage to psyche yourself up for the opening, and convince some of your Spiderman friends to come along, but you can see their poorly hidden smirks, and you think if ever so briefly that maybe Spiderman's not that bad after all.

Two hours later you walk out grinning like an idiot. Not only Batman Begins it a good superhero movie, it's just flat out a good movie. Like 'Best Cinematography' good. Nobody's even going to be able to argue about it any more. Batman wins.

That's what it felt like for me when they announced James Hird had been appointed head coach of Essendon yesterday; Batman's back and he's good again.

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