Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Flimsy Excuses

I have missed two alphabet supremacy (still unsure on the capitalisation on it) posts in a row which is a poor effort. Being a professional level dodger, shirker and prevaricator I do of course have excuses. I am not providing them to avoid my rightfully (or wrongfully as it may be) earned forfeits but simply to have written something.

Week the first

There are many comforting feeling of laziness, from the simple having nothing to do to the exotic anticipatory thrill of maybe not having to do anything if the last hour of frenzied work functions as expected. The greatest of them is without a doubt being woken up in the morning by an alarm clock, briefly experiencing that sinking feeling of having to go to work, then remembering that it's a weekend or public holiday. This goes double if it's the middle of winter.

Other classics of the genre include: taking day off work and sitting around doing nothing beyond wallowing in the knowledge that everyone else is at work, having a social engagement of dubious quality cancelled at the last minute, the thrill of figuring out how long to wait before writing off the day when there's an office power outage, and the gap between one job finishing and the next one starting.

During the week of my first missed post I felt the powerful urge to dodge a responsibility. There is an obscure pleasure to be taken in not doing something that you should be doing. Some people experience this sensation as shame, do not trust them as they probably have a work ethic. I don't have many (any) responsibilities at the moment so I did the only thing I could and didn't write a blog post. In hindsight it was a poor substitute, some sort of laziness carob, but I worked with what I had.

Week the second

Sunday was day four of what has turned out to be a six day gastric event. My ability to sit at a keyboard, or indeed anywhere outside of a plumbed room, for more than fifteen contiguous minutes was seriously hampered. Enough said. Too much, probably.

I aim to be back this week.

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